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    No cover as yet UNION JACK · New series · Issue 494 · 29/3/1913 · Amalgamated Press · 1d
    by Anon. (Andrew Murray) · Illustrator: Unknown
    Other content: Unknown
    Notes: In a prison in Lagos, a dying man tells fellow inmate Count Ivor Carlac that he is Sir Denver Raymond and he knows how to escape. He shares this information with Carlac in exchange for the promise that Carlac will impersonate him and take up the inheritance of the Raymond estate in Norfolk. Some weeks later, Jack Raymond is deposed from his position as head of the estate by Carlac’s arrival. Banished from Raymond Towers, suspicious of his apparent uncle, and concerned about the influence the newcomer has on his mother, Jack spies on Carlac and witnesses him meeting with a man named Gipsy Joe. After following the latter, Jack is captured by him and imprisoned in an old mill house, where Joe’s cruel wife, Lil, keeps guard over him. Jack’s sweetheart, Estelle Clare, reports to Sexton Blake that he has gone missing. The detective sends Tinker to Norfolk to look into the case. There, the youngster learns that the new Sir Denver has raised taxes on the surrounding farms, lowered wages, and is planning to sell the estate. He joins locals in a protest march but is captured and incarcerated with Jack. Meanwhile, Blake is asked by Scotland Yard to investigate crook Flash Harry, who, having been recently released from prison is now regularly in receipt of large amounts of money from an unknown source. Blake recalls that the man was a confederate of Carlac. Clues lead him to Raymond Towers where, with Pedro’s help, he rescues Jack and Tinker and confronts Carlac. Unfortunately, the villain escapes.
    Trivia: Blake makes a statement that suggests that his adventures are fictionalised (by Amalgamated Press?): “The detective of fiction and fact are poles apart…” Flash Harry is referred to as the same that was involved in the Regent Street Robbery. However, in that tale he was named Swagger Harry.
    Rating: ★★★★☆☆


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