All good detectives need a sidekick, and in Sexton Blake we find a prototype Batman and Robin, a hero and his youthful assistant fighting off hordes of weird and wonderful villains. However, though Tinker is Blake's best known and longest serving deputy, he wasn't the first. Nor was he the detective's only ally. There were a number of Scotland Yard officers who often called on Blake for help, some willingly, others very reluctantly indeed. There were also men and women of a decidely unlawful persuasion who were, nevertheless, honourable and prone to aid the Baker Street man when it suited them. By the fifties, the detective operated out of an office and Tinker was joined by the glamorous Paula Dane and others. And, of course, there was also Pedro, the faithful bloodhound. Here, we take a look at some of those who've fought alongside Sexton Blake.

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